The History Of coffee

It is said that coffee is the second global trade that is widely circulated after the oil trade, and it is the oldest popular drink in the world and is made from roasted coffee seeds that grow in more than 70 countries around the world. The different is the way it is prepared and the different properties of the coffee bean. Sometimes the differences are in the taste, aroma, and texture, as is the case between a cup of French coffee and a cup of Turkish coffee.

The history of coffee from the Arab countries to the far west

Coffee moved north towards the Hijaz and entered the traditions of the peoples who lived there, and then it reached Cairo and from there it moved to Istanbul, which was a major empire through merchants from the Levant, and from Turkey, coffee traveled to London in 1652 and from there to all countries of the world.

It is mentioned that the origin of the name coffee is that the word was originally referring to a type of wine, and the Arabic dictionaries derived its origin from the verb Qaha, which symbolizes "not feeling hungry", referring to the drink's reputation for suppressing appetite.

Popular types of coffee served in cafes:

Concentrated espresso

Concentrated espresso is the basis and the most important type of every espresso drink and it can be served in all cafes where it is made using an espresso machine.

Double espresso (doppio)

Double espresso (nicknamed "Doppio") is two cups of double espresso in one cup as it contains a concentrated dose of caffeine, so those who are sick with liver or who cannot tolerate caffeine should not drink it at all. This type is offered in all designated cafes. To offer different types of coffee.

The center moquito

The concentrated macchiato is similar to the espresso counterpart, but with milk and served with a gentle froth that all coffee lover influences and consists of one shot of espresso in a small cup with a piece of steamed milk dessert and foam on top.

Koblong Moquito

Similar to the previous type but with two layers of intense espresso.

The Ristretto

A ristretto is an espresso form made with the same amount of coffee but half the amount of water. The end result is a more concentrated, darker espresso extract.


It is an espresso drink, but diluted with boiling water, which is used by espresso lovers who, at the same time, cannot stand an intense espresso shot.

Latte Cafe

It is an espresso drink with steamed milk and an attractive foam on top of the coffee.


A cappuccino is similar to a caffe latte. However, the main difference between latte and cappuccino is that the cappuccino has more foam and chocolate on top of the cup.

Piccolato Latte

Piccolato Latte is a café latte made in an espresso cup. This means it has a very strong espresso taste but is submerged thanks to the steamed ground milk and the foam inside.


Mocha is a mixture between cappuccino and hot chocolate. It is made by adding chocolate powder with espresso and then adding steamed milk and foam.


It is the simple coffee dessert that is consumed in the summer. It consists of one large cup of vanilla ice cream with the addition of one or two layers of espresso.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is easy to make, although there are some types that include additives such as cinnamon and cloves. The ingredients are water, coffee and sugar, to taste. But Turkish coffee is completely dependent on the type of coffee seeds that are used, as the roasting of the seeds and the additives that are placed when promoting this type of coffee is what makes it famous.

Arabic coffee

There are different types of Arabic coffee, but the traditional version includes cardamom or "cardamom." The density of coffee depends on the taste in general, as some prefer it heavy and others prefer it light, smooth or plain. To prepare the coffee for which the Kingdom is famous, it is added to the main ingredients of coffee and water. Sugar is 1/4 spoonful of saffron As for the popular coffee in the UAE, it is green coffee that has not been roasted and has a pleasant taste to the people of the Emirates and coffee lovers from all Arab and foreign countries.

The benefits and harm of coffee


There are a number of damages to coffee, such as an increase in anxiety and nervousness, as well as an increase in diuresis, and with the passage of time it is possible that the caffeine in coffee becomes addictive, in addition to causing a number of damages such as an increase in blood pressure.

He explains that what many people do not know about coffee is that it does not increase the concentration in the body in the morning, as some think, and that eating a cup of it increases the feeling of depression in the event of irregular intake.

The benefits

They help reduce the risk of cancer especially in the head and neck area.

Reduces the incidence of brain tumors.

It has great effectiveness in reducing Parkinson's.

Eliminate diabetes and liver cancer.

Reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

It reduces the risk of stroke, so it must be taken care when drinking coffee that the rates of consumption are acceptable so as not to harm the body.

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