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  • Try to have your kitchen always clean and everything is tidy in place so that it is easy to get it when needed.

  • Try to rotate the hands of the pots on the stove so that they do not protrude at its edge in order to avoid pushing it or falling and spilling its hot contents.

  • Always try to hold hot pots with a dry towel, because a wet towel causes heat to quickly reach your hands.

  • When covering food with tin foil during cooking, the glossy layer from the inside should be close to the food and the matte layer on the outside in order to absorb heat and distribute it evenly.

  • To remove the ink that has stuck on your child's fingers, bring a tomato and cut off the top and let your child run his finger inside the fruit, and immediately he will get rid of the ink.

  • After cleaning the things made of brass, rub them with vinegar dissolved in a little salt to keep their shine for a long time.

  • If the drawer is not closed easily, then brush its upper edge and sides with wax or dry soap, because this helps to sliding it.

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